They deliberately flooded their village . an incredible ploy that prevented the Russians from getting close to Kiev

The village of Demidev, north of Kiev, faced Russian forces like other areas involved in military operations, but its inhabitants used an unthinkable ploy to block the Russian advance.

Residents repelled the Russian advance by releasing water from a hydroelectric dam, flooding the village, this time a tactical victory, according to a New York Times report.

They flooded the village

Residents deliberately flooded the village with water, along with the vast expanses of fields and swamps around it, creating a swamp that thwarted a Russian tank attack in Kiev and provided the Ukrainian military with valuable time to prepare for its defenses.

The swamps protected the capital, Kiev, but also helped protect Demdev himself, who was close to Russian troops stationed in the flooded fields.

Although Russian soldiers patrolled the village, it never became a front line in battle and the sad fate of the cities to the south was spared.

The siege of Kiev was lifted

Ukrainian officials and soldiers said the move was particularly effective, as it created a vast, shallow lake in front of Russian forces.

The floods that blocked Kiev’s northern border on the western bank of the Dnipro River played a vital role in the fighting last March as Ukrainian forces repulsed Russian attempts to encircle Kiev and ultimately pushed the Russians back.

In addition, the water created an effective barrier to the tanks and directed the offensive power in ambushes and cramped urban spaces in a series of cities remote such as Hostomel, Bucha and Irbin.

He also identified possible crossing points on a tributary of the Dnipro and Irbin rivers. Eventually, Russian forces attempted to cross that river six times in vain, using a pontoon bridge and driving across a ‘area marshy, the whole in unfavorable positions and under fire from Ukrainian artillery.

scorched earth

Interestingly, what happened to Demidev was not ruled out: from the early days of the war, Ukrainians deliberately ravaged their lands, often destroying infrastructure, as a means of countering the advance of the Russian army with its numbers. and superior weapons.

Elsewhere in the country, the Ukrainian army, without hesitation, blew up in air bridges, bombed roads and shut down railways and airports.

The goal was to slow down the Russian advance, to attract Russian forces in traps and coerce Russian tanks in less favorable terrain.

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