They support the “good loan”… Details about the Lebanese punished by America

As part of its campaign to undermine its financial control, the US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on 3 Hezbollah militia personnel, accusing them of facilitating the transfer of funds to the party.

The new sanctions have hit a prominent Lebanese economist, due to his support of the group in its financial operations, which quest’last denied completely.

Who is Hassan Muqalled?

A famous economist and owner of a trading company (CTEX), the latest sanctions were imposed on Tuesday along with his two sons, Rayan Maklad and Rani Maklad, because they facilitate his company’s financial activities for their father in support of Hezbollah, according to to the declaration.

Muqallid, the father, often appears as an economic analyst in the media locals.

According to the ministry, the sanctioned man is working in close coordination with senior Hezbollah financial officials to help the militia establish a presence within the Lebanese financial system.

He also added that he acts as financial adviser to the armed group and carries out business on behalf of the group in the whole region.

He also said that the Muqalled Exchange Corporation serves as a “financial front” for Hezbollah, that the punished network of money changers provided funds to buy weapons for the militia, and that the money changer Hassan Muqalled was an opportunist who took advantage of the suffering of the Lebanese for the benefit of the party.

other companies

The sanctions also targeted two other companies owned or controlled by Makled, namely: the Lebanese Society for Information and Studies and the Lebanese Society for Publishing, i mediaresearch and studies.

However, the defendant denied completely, in a telephone conversation with Reuters, the words of the ministry, stressing that its actions are “100% honest and clear.”

The sanctions also targeted Adel Muhammad Mansour, the executive director of the well-known Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Qard Al-Hassan Foundation in Lebanon.

Washington had previously sanctioned Al-Qard Al-Hassan, as well as another firm Mansour works with, which is the expert group for accounting, auditing and financial advice.

The sanctions also apply to the accounting and auditing firm and one of its representatives, Nasser Hassan Nasr, as well as Hassan Khalil, who the Treasury said was active in helping Hezbollah obtain weapons.

The new sanctions came after the United States imposed terrorism-related sanctions on two accountants and two companies in December in Lebanon for providing financial services to Hezbollah.

previous sanctions

Interestingly, in December 2022, the United States imposed sanctions on individuals and companies for allegedly providing financial services to the Lebanese group Hezbollah and for facilitating the purchase of weapons for the group.

The US Treasury said in a statement at the time that the Office of The Treasury Department’s Foreign Assets Control had filed an action against two individuals and two headquartered companies in Lebanon for providing financial services to Hezbollah, along with another person involved in facilitating arms purchases for the group.

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