They trained to die Targeting Gulf States. Sudan arrests 9 al-Qaida members

The Sudanese authorities arrested 9 members of al-Qaeda, die had previously entered the country to participate in exercises against die Arab Gulf States to participate.

Has in detail die Anti-Terrorism and Crime Agency in Cooperation with the security services and military intelligence 9 terrorists in Khartoum arrested.

Exercises with a view of the golf

Counterterrorism prosecutor Ahmed Suleiman Al-Awad told Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath that die Investigations by the security police (the police for state crimes and counter-terrorism) in Coordination with the General Intelligence Service were carried out as they are in their countries are accused of committing and participating in terrorist offenses.

He also stated that some of them were smuggled through in came to Sudan for training in the Arabian Gulf.

He stated that they belong to Al-Qaeda and have different nationalities, some of which are featured on the UN Security Council’s list, adding that among them are Syrian passport holders of Tunisian and Chadian origins and one of them is accused of in Sousse planned to attack foreign tourists and is wanted by Tunisia.

It is noteworthy that the regime of ousted President Omar al-Bashir in has deliberately hosted a number of terrorists in recent years, die in the country a center for die Established some training camps.

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