They were connected to the Russian operation. The Ukrainian parliament bans the letters Z and V.

The Verkhovna Rada has banned the “Z” and “V” symbols used by the Russian army to promote the military operation in Ukraine, but accepted President Volodymyr Zelensky’s appeal to allow its use for educational or historical purposes.

Jaroslav Jeliznyak, an opposition member of parliament, announced this decision via the Telegram app on Monday, stating that 313 MPs out of a total of 423 MPs voted in favor of this decision on Sunday.

The new law also banned the establishment of non-governmental organizations that use these two symbols or undermine the country’s sovereignty.

In addition, on Sunday, the Ukrainian parliament extended the period for enforcing martial law in the country for another 90 days, or until 23 August.

This came after Zelensky rejected an earlier draft of the bill, demanding that the “Z” and “V” symbols be displayed. in museums, libraries, academic works, textbooks and the like.

outside the Russian alphabet

Interestingly, neither of these two letters exist in the Russian alphabet, but they were used extensively during the military operation that began on February 24 on Ukrainian soil and were widely disseminated on Russian military vehicles and equipment, to further the goals of the operation.

The Z symbol occupied observers with the start of the Russian operation, after it spread widely, either in Russia than on the vehicles of the Russian forces in Ukraine, and has raised a lot of speculation about its significance.

To understand in following that the Russians used it to distinguish their mechanisms from others on the territory of the western neighbor, and it was also used within the country to signify the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his “military option” in Ukraine .

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