This Celtics-Spurs trade features DeMar DeRozan, LaMarcus Aldridge

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The Boston Celtics entered the offseason needing help in the frontcourt. They did not make many improvements other than Tristan Thompson in free agency. As we creep closer to the NBA trade deadline, this is a position that the Celtics could look to improve right away.

During the postseason a year ago, Boston had difficulty with Bam Adebayo of the Miami Heat. This means that they needed help with the position if they want to take that next step. Daniel Theis has not performed at the level that the team as expected. Tristan Thompson has been an interesting addition but the team could still look for some help.

The Spurs have an interesting option they could send the Celtics right away. San Antonio has veteran players such as DeMar DeRozan who have been featured in trade talks. LaMarcus Aldridge is a veteran big who would contribute to the Celtics right away.

The Spurs are a team that can build around their young players, especially with Derozan and Aldridge both being over 30 and not being signed long-term. The return for San Antonio would be full of players ready to contribute right away.

Boston is a win-now team that would benefit from big-name players. Here is what it might take to land DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge with the Boston Celtics.

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