This cheap and tiny laptop computer packs some severe firepower, but there’s a catch

116- inch SZYIYUN laptop computer – $24900 from AliExpress
( ₤19527/ AU$35020)
The machine packs plenty of firepower – with an Intel Celeron J4105 CPU, 8GB RAM and 512 GB SSD – nevertheless other features betray its budgetnature View Offer

About 13 years back, ASUS began the Netbook transformation that saw the launch of a pint-sized laptop (with a likewise small rate tag) able to run Linux or Windows XP.

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Available in pink, black and white, the SZYIYUN gadget draws additional contrast to the Netbook thanks to its 11.6- inch screen, which has a rather big bezel – like its predecessors – and weighs less than 1kg (equivalent to the LG Gram 14).

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Bear in mind

  • If this item originates from mainland China, it will take a minimum of a month to reach either the United States or the UK (and perhaps more).

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