This is how Google created one of its most important competitors

Google has been working on projects related to auto and the project ofauto self-driving is the most important. Which is based on highly advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and others.

Dave Ferguson and Jiajon Zhou were employees of this division. Ferguson managed the computer vision and machine learning development processes within the project.

As for Chu, he worked on machine awareness techniques and developed simulations that increase the effectiveness of autonomous driving technology, according to the Arab Technical News Foundation.

Cho said he managed a huge group team of Google employees with Ferguson. They were responsible for much of Google’s automotive systems systems.

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Dave Ferguson and Jiajon Zhou were in Google in the spring of 2016, but the company quickly made the decision to separate its division of auto self-driving in a separate company, Waymo.

However, Google offered an employee rewards program called “Chauffeur” or “Driver”. in Arabic. The company needed to complete and liquidate this program before the Waymo company could be formed.

Based on this decision, the employees of the division auto self-driving people had to choose between receiving periodic payments for eight years. Or take their full share and leave the company.

Cho and Ferguson have chosen to leave the company for the bonus. Although they didn’t disclose its value before, a Waymo trade secret leak revealed the amount, which amounted to $ 40 million.

Foundation of Nuro

A few weeks after Dave Ferguson and Jiajon Zhou left Google, Nuro was founded. It operates in the field of robotics with a clear objective, which is to improve and facilitate the life of human beings who use robots.

The company has developed a new quality of products. Which came in the form of robots that mimic the concept of auto self-driving. But with no passengers inside.

And as anyone could expect. These robots have been used in the delivery and transportation of goods, as well as in home delivery. Today, five years after the company’s founding, Nuro robots have proven to be quite smart and completely safe.

This is how Google created one of its most important competitors


Although robotic delivery companies, known as Robotaxis, struggle to obtain permits and develop robots that can actually do their job, Nuro has been a success.

Ferguson is currently president, while Chu is CEO. In November 2020, the company was valued at $ 5 billion with its latest loan, with over 1,000 employees in its offices.

Nuro robots already operate in the United States, delivering home orders including food and vegetables. In addition, in mid-2020, the company started delivering medicines at home. There is no doubt that the home ban period was ideal for the emergence of order delivery technology through auto self-driving.

In addition, Nuro has managed to attract huge investments from around the world, including a billion dollars from just one company, SoftBank.

It is reported that the company’s first product was theauto self-driving R1. Officially launched in January 2018. This car weighs around 680 kilograms and is only 1.8 meters long. This vehicle has been designed for loading and transportation only.

And it can carry a relatively large amount of light cargo. The company announced in February 2020 that it plans to develop and test the R2 vehicle in the next period and revealed its prototype in April of that year. This is the model shown in the first image above.

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