This is How “Toppings” Changed in 10 Years

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In Between the event that’ll live on as Bitcoin Pizza Day 10 years earlier and today, the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), saw it’s network metrics increase by six, 8, even fifteen digits.

Pleased Bitcoin Pizza Day, Cryptoverse! For those who are new to this event, today we commemorate one guy’s first crypto purchase – he purchased pizza with a mind-blowing amount ofbitcoin On this devoted day in 2010, developer Laszlo Hanyecz paid a Bitcoin talk online forum user for 2 Papa John’s pizzas with BTC 10,000 At that time, this was worth some USD 25, however today we’re speaking about more than USD 90 million! And Hanyecz was never ever permitted to forget it.

It wasn’t possible (or it was?) to anticipate at the time what roadway BTC would take. Now in 2020, looking back over the past 10 years, we have the ability to see a massive growth for this network, protocol and asset class, based on numbers alone, not to even venture into conversations on mainstream adoption, higher institutional interest, numerous regulator’s and authorities’ moving and more beneficial positions, much better crypto education, and so on – all of which have actually added to the rise in the coin’s network metrics, which then causes more adoption, thereforeon


To see how Bitcoin changed over time from its first pizza day, we took a take a look at its progression from 2010 till today and we found that:

  • BTC price valued around 360 million % in 10 years, from USD 0,0025 to more than USD 9,000 today.
  • The market capitalization is up by 56 million %.
  • Hashrate (computing power of the network) is through the roofing …of Burj Khalifa: it’s up 177 trillion %.
  • Block size is bigger by 270,000%.
  • The number of deals each day increased by 536,000%.
  • The typical worth of deals is up 257,000%.
  • The active address count is now 215,000% higher than a years earlier.

Bitcoin price chart


Here are more information on person network metrics (beginning with the first available 90- day moving typical information):

Metrics First available date May 21, 2020 Distinction
Hashrate62 M on May 22, 2010110 E177 trillion %
Deals55 on May 22, 2010294,906536,000%
Active addresses319 on May 22, 2010686,000215,000%
Block size, B294 on May 22, 2010794,164270,000%
Market cap, USD253,000 on October 14, 2010142 B56 million %
Avg. worth of deals, USD10 on October 14, 201025,700257,000%


Here’s the modification in searches for “bitcoin” on Google.

And here are a number of Bitcoin Pizza Day slices served by the Cryptoverse. Pleased celebration!

Bitcoin pizza day: 10 years ago a developer purchased 2 Papa Johns pizzas for 10,000 $BTC.

— Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist)

WOW # @PapaJohns put up a billboard Advertisement to commemorate todays #BitcoinPizzaDay ##

— Bitcoin Meme Center (@BitcoinMemeHub)

Precise video of today.

— Giacomo Zucco (combating Covid1984 global pandemic) (@giacomozucco)

It’s not about “the idiot” who spend 10 000 #bitcoin on pizza.

— max hillebrand [⚡️₿ #taproot ₿🔑] (@HillebrandMax)

The well-known #BitcoinPizza was an online deal. This is one of the first physical stores that accepted #Bitcoin …

— #CryptopiaFilm available now (@CryptopiaFilm)

@hodl_american He is also supposedly the person who developed GPU mining, so his pizza deals may have been an …

— nic carter (@nic__carter)

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