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This is how you can distinguish between verified and “paid” accounts on Twitter

The company “Twitter” recently decided to discontinue the “Twitter Blue” monthly subscription service, after the chaos that occurred due to the misuse of the blue check mark that subscribers got for a small amount of money.

Twitter Blue, available for a monthly subscription of $ 7.99, promised users additional features in addition to the blue verification badge, such as halving the proportion of ads, editing tweets, and the ability to post longer videos. But none of these features have been launched yet.

In the short term in where the paid service was available, the company contented itself with allowing subscribers to obtain the blue authentication mark.

After getting that brand, many were surprised by something Twitter hadn’t announced before, which is that the company distinguished between the one who got the brand because he paid a sum for it, and who is a prominent account.

Although at first glance it is difficult to distinguish, as the brand looks the same in all verified accounts, by clicking on the sign, both on desktop and on mobile devices, you find out the reason for authentication.

Twitter writes “This account is verified as a Twitter Blue subscriber” for accounts that have paid for the blue tick. Write the sentence “This account has been verified, because it is known in the government, in the news, in entertainment or in another specific category “next to the accounts that were previously documented.

This Twitter step is welcome to distinguish between verified accounts, but it may not be enough, in when not everyone is expected to click on the tag to find out the reason behind the verification.

For this, it seems that the company has decided once again to bring back the additional “Official” documentation, having made it available only for one day and then removed a few days ago.

It is also interesting to note that Twitter has decided to prevent new users registered on the platform from obtaining the blue verification mark and has stated that any account created on or after November 9 will not be in able to subscribe to the Twitter Blue service right now.

In turn, developers Will Cigar and Walter Lim have launched a web browser extension that shows the reason for obtaining the certification mark. The tool bears the name: Eight Dollars, in reference to the price paid to obtain the mark.

Currently, the tool is available for Google’s Chrome browser, Mozilla Corporation’s Firefox browser, and the developers have promised to launch it soon for Microsoft’s Edge browser and Apple’s Safari browser.

The developers explained on GitHub how to download the tool in waiting to be available through Chrome web storeand on the Firefox browser, can be downloaded directly from the store.

After activating the tool from the extensions section on Chrome, the tool will change the verification tag in Twitter from the usual shape to the tag with a caption next to it in a special frame.

For verified accounts, the tool mentions “Verified”, along with the name. For accounts that have received the mark by signing up for Twitter Blue, the phrase “Paid” will appear in blue with a dollar sign in place of the “true” sign.

It should be noted that the tool does not work when Arabic is the display language for Twitter, but it works as it should if the display language is English.

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