This is the most expensive football match in the world, not the Champions League final

Real Madrid won the Champions League yesterday, Saturday, and despite the value of the match and the world football title, being the supreme league for European teams, it is not the most expensive in financial terms, as today’s match will be held at Wembley Stadium in London which is the most expensive match A in football history.

A match will be held this afternoon to determine the champion in rise of the second division championship in England between the teams of Nottingham Forest and Huddersfield Town.

Whoever wins will be promoted in Premier League, which is the most valuable tournament on the planet.

According to research firm Deloitte, the match is estimated to be worth around 170 million pounds (214 million dollars) for the winning team over the next three seasons and could reach more than 300 million pounds. in five years if the club winner survives relegation once. Others, due to the revenue of the broadcast.

And in the unstable world of football finance, unexpected profits give to club the opportunity to invest the type of money in players and stadium improvements that rival teams dream of, with the winner taking home over £ 100m in broadcast revenue next season and taking home an extra £ 80m if he ends up going down.

Conversely, competing in the Champions League final is the supreme achievement of European football, but the financial rewards for the winner of the final don’t make it the most expensive, as Real Madrid and Liverpool have already taken the bulk of the Champions League trophy ahead of their own. meeting Yesterday, money is earned after each round of the tournament.

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