This is the most important information about the foldable iPhone!

Apple designers are working on a foldable iPhone, which will be known as the “iPhone Flip,” according to the site web by BGR, which was reviewed by Al

Reports indicated that Apple is already working on viable prototypes, including two that are more viable.

The company is differentiating between a model with two vertical screens connected to each other via a rotating axis that divides the screen lengthwise, like a book, and the other model is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

Former Apple engineer who left in 2020, John Prosser, commented that this design it has nothing special, except for the facial recognition tool and other sensors.

“Although they are two separate screens, when the device is opened, they appear to be interconnected indiscriminately,” wrote Prosser.

The second model is similar to the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, as the screen is split transversely from the center of the phone, which is the model Apple is aiming for, according to Prosser last month.

While the specs are still unclear for the new phone, which may not see the light at all, some rumors about the iPhone Flip in the past couple of years, I expected the phone to be supported by an OLED screen and a variety of design of different colors and the company will benefit from the ability of the screen to fold, in enlarged screen mode in whole mode.

Famous iPhone analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes the device will have an 8-inch screen with a resolution of 3200 x 1800.

And from Apple’s previous experience, which can invest millions of dollars in researching a project, and eventually be overturned, the question of when the phone will be launched may not be answered at the moment.

One of the most famous leakers in the field of phones, DylanDKT, believes that Apple is in no rush with foldable phones, as it monitors the market and technology of these phones, introduced by competitors, and calculates the rate of obsolescence and development of this technology and believes that Apple cannot venture to lose its reputation for ingenuity design before reaching a final product and not launching the phones in the stage of test.

At the earliest, analysts believe the iPhone Flip could be released in 2024.

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