This is the number and prices of auto luxury by Mohamed Salah – (photo)

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: La star Egyptian, Mohamed Salah, owns 6 auto luxury, worth more than 750,000 pounds (16 million Egyptian pounds), according to the British newspaper “The Sun”. The newspaper pointed out that the latest car owned by Salah is the “Bentley Continental GT”, valued at 160,000 pounds, and is distinguished by the luxurious design interior and has a top speed of 210 mph. Breaking: Salah has been seen with a new car#lfc / tHlvgVB0xw – 🇸🇪_ ^ (@lfc_allting) January 15, 2019 He also said that the Lamborghini Aventador is in good condition, noting that this car can reach 218 mph, making it the fastest of its group. The Egyptian champion also owns two Mercedes, the first is the AMG GLE E-coup, which he usually uses to go to training, and the price starts at 65,000 pounds, while the second is the SLS AMG, which is one of the most auto expensive Manufactured by the German company, its value starts at 176,000 pounds. He also owns an Audi Q7, priced at £ 54,000, and his own auto less expensive and high-performance is the Toyota Camry, which costs £ 29,000, according to the paper. Mo salah’s car looking cool 🔥 / i2QGRU8RE0 – showroom splendor of cheshire (@shine_showroom) Aug 25, 2021

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