This Is Us Season 4 Finale Reveals Major Bombshells While Sparking New Questions About The Future Of The Pearson Family

Warning: Major spoilers ahead about the This Is Us Season 4 finale.

The Season 4 finale of the NBC tearjerker This Is Us was legendary. Not just did it address the season’s greatest concern, however it provided some unforeseen reveals, presented new characters, restored others we have not seen in a while, and stimulated new questions about the future of the Pearson family.

The most current episode consisted of numerous various period, with the focus being on the Big 3’s first birthday almost 40 years back, the Pearson family throughout present day, and 2 future period. Among the dives to the future was when matriarch Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is on her deathbed, and the other went even further to when Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) boy Jack is inviting his first kid with his other half.

The greatest bombshell from the episode was the expose of Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) child mother (and possible future other half), who ended up being Kate’s bestie Madison (Caitlin Thompson). The twist went even further when it was exposed that Madison was pregnant with twins, who in the future we discover are a woman and a young boy.

It still isn’t clear if Kevin and Madison get wed, however he is using a wedding event band in the future at his mom’s deathbed. There are still major questions about his future other half, as the episode provided audiences a quick glance at both Kevin’s ex-wife Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and his past fling Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison).

The other major concern that the finale addressed was what triggered the huge rift in between Kevin and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) that damages their relationship. Fans currently understood that the siblings had a falling out and weren’t speaking on their 40 th birthday, which is set to occur next season in the “present day” timeline.

It ends up, the siblings concerned nasty spoken blows when Kevin learnt that Randall had actually encouraged Rebecca to alter her mind about taking part in a nine-month Alzheimer’s scientific trial in St. Louis.

When it was exposed that Kate and Toby have actually chosen to embrace a second kid to offer child Jack a sis,

Writers likewise surprised fans. In the major flash forward to the birth of adult Jack’s (Blake Stadnik) first kid, audiences were presented to his brother or sister who had actually not been discussed or meant throughout the first 4 seasons of the show.

It was likewise exposed throughout the time jump to Rebecca’s death bed that Uncle Nicky (Griffin Dunne) is using a wedding event band and is sitting by herside Her partner from the present day, Miguel (Jon Huertas), is no place to be seen. Who is Nicky wed to? And, where is Miguel?

There was likewise a look throughout the Big 3 first birthday period from Dr. K (Gerald McCraney), and fans got some intriguing insight into the relationship of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca when they were handling the Big 3’s first birthday while likewise grieving the loss of their boy, Kyle.


There is absolutely a lot to unload, and developer Dan Fogelman states that they have even larger prepare for Season 5, consisting of “something big” taking place in the season best. fans will have to wait at least 6 months to discover out what occurs next. And, if the COVID-19 pandemic continues through the summertime, This Is Us fans may need to wait even longer.

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