This is what Tuchel gave the cleaning lady in her Parisian home – (Tweet)

Paris – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: Thomas Tuchel is not only an excellent coach, he is also a person with a big heart, as evidenced by a touching story that has moved thousands of Internet users on (Twitter), as revealed by the media French sportsmen as was the former coach, Paris Saint-Germain, And the current club of Chelsea, he was very generous to his housekeeper when he was coach of the club Parisian. The story began with Tuchel arriving in France in 2018 to coach Paris Saint-Germain, where he hired a Filipino housekeeper. And as he gets to know her more over time, he discovers that her strong business involvement hides a hard truth: She is struggling to finance a heart operation for one of her children. To decide the German coach, winner with Chelsea in Champions League after leading Paris Saint-Germain to the final of the tournament; Cover all medical bills for this guy. Molina a fait un focus sur le côté très sombre du foot.Pour contrebalancer je vais vous raconter une jolie petite anecdote.Elle concerns Thomas Tuchel, alors en poste au PSG.On ne parle pas ici de l’entraîneur, chacun son avis sur la question, mais de l’homme qu’il est. – Nicolas💥Hortus (@NicolasHortus) September 15, 2021 During the last months of his Parisian adventure, Thomas Tuchel discovers that a housekeeper dreams of returning to live in the Philippines and reuniting her family. Before leaving the French capital after being sacked by Paris Saint-Germain in December 2020, German coach Tuchel had given the cleaning lady an unusual gift: a beautiful house in the Philippines. This story quickly spread to the social media, where she was admired by many netizens.

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