This week, Ukraine could get an advanced US defense system

Today, Monday, the Russian army continues to strike at the positions of Ukrainian military forces and infrastructure and liberate the Donbass lands, as part of its military operation which began on February 24, while Kiev continues to mobilize Western powers against Moscow. as well as receiving material support and military equipment.

On the field, i media Ukrainians reported the occurrence of a Russian bombing, which caused the interruption of the electricity and gas service in large areas of Zaporizhia, as well as the fall of several injured, including a child, in a Russian air raid on the city of Odessa.

In the latest developments, CNN reported that President Joe Biden intends to provide Ukraine with “SAMs”, which are medium-range missiles this week. in capable of hitting targets at a distance of 170 km.

Prior to that, an informed source told Reuters that the United States is likely to announce the purchase of an advanced medium- and long-range surface-to-air missile defense system for Ukraine this week.

The source added that Washington is also expected to announce additional security aid to Ukraine, including additional artillery ammunition and radar devices to detect artillery shells, to meet the needs the Ukrainian military has said it wants.

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The Russian Defense Ministry announced that it had launched large-scale attacks on 3 training centers of Ukrainian armed formations, which led to their destruction.

“Russian aviation high-precision weapons and Kalibr missiles have directed intense attacks against the 169th Ukrainian Ground Forces Training Center near the Desna settlement in the Cherngovskoye region,” said the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman. Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov. He pointed out that the plan to transfer these formations to battlefields has been halted.

Russia stepped up airstrikes against Ukraine over the weekend, which also saw a strategic eastern city fall in hand to the pro-Russian forces.

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For its part, the authorities of the Republic of Lugansk have announced the presence of several senior officials from the office of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Leszychansk, in the western part of the republic, and the necessary measures are being taken to arrest them.

“In addition to many foreign mercenaries in Lyschansk, there are many high-ranking employees of Zelensky’s office,” Russian news agency TASS said, citing authorities.

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“Currently, all necessary measures are being taken to prevent them from infiltrating out of town,” he added.

Russian missiles hit a residential building and a kindergarten in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on Sunday morning. in attacks that US President Joe Biden denounced as “barbarians”, while leaders of major European countries met to discuss the imposition of further sanctions on Moscow.

Up to four explosions rocked the center of Kiev in the prime morning hours, in the first such attack on the city in weeks.

Life was returning to normal in Kiev after fierce resistance hindered the Russian advance in the first phase of the war, although sirens sounded repeatedly in the entire city.

Kiev has not been hit hard since the beginning of June.

Russia denies targeting civilians, but Ukraine and the West accuse Russian forces of war crimes in a conflict that killed thousands of people and forced millions to flee Ukraine and devastated cities.

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