Thousands of displaced people in Afghanistan … Taliban are preparing for “seas of blood”

since die Government of President Joe Biden has announced its decision to die American forces seem to be withdrawing from Afghanistan die Future, die this country is waiting to be marked by fighting and displacement.

Taliban attacks on government forces in the last few days have been alone in of Helmand Province led to the displacement of thousands.

Afghan officials announced that it would in Helmand, southern states, violent clashes between government forces and Taliban had occurred, die coincided with the withdrawal of US forces. As a result, thousands of civilians fled their homes, resulting in this situation in threatens to repeat it in other states.

Handover of the Helmand Base

This came after the US military made its base in the state on Sunday die Afghan government forces had surrendered while die Afghan government forces, according to Agence France-Presse die Taliban in had defended themselves at several checkpoints in the past twenty-four hours.

Muhammad Ramin, Director of Refugee Affairs in of the region said about a thousand families fled their homes to avoid clashes on the outskirts of Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand province, and other parts of the governorate.

He added that die displaced families came from areas in which themselves die Fights in the last two days aggravated, and refuge in Lashkarah searched.

100 dead

The Afghan Ministry of Defense also reported that Taliban fighters initially occupied some checkpoints, die However, government forces recaptured them within the past 24 hours, killing more than 100 Taliban fighters and 22 Pakistani al-Qaeda fighters, according to the Defense Ministry.

For its part, the Taliban announced that they had killed dozens of Afghan soldiers in the clashes, while Agence France-Presse said that both sides of the conflict were involved in the past die Number of victims on the other hand would have “inflated”.

In addition, it was reported this morning, Wednesday, that an explosive device was aimed at a minibus carrying medical workers in the capital Kabul, killed one person and wounded three doctors. The minibus was supposed to transport a group of doctors and nurses to the hospital in northern Panjshir province.

While the American-Persian-speaking radio Farda indicated that it in several other provinces besides Helmand have clashed since die US Army officially withdrew its remaining 2,500 troops from Afghanistan on May 1.

America’s longest war

It is noteworthy that US forces were sent to Afghanistan 20 years ago to pursue al-Qaeda in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. They contributed to the overthrow of the Taliban government and paved the way for die Implementation of democracy and multi-party law in the country leveled. But all of this has become a hot topic as a result of the flames of fighting between government forces and Taliban elements.

Ever since the US President has directed his armed forces towards permanent withdrawal die concern about die Escalation of the conflict in this country increased.

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