Thousands of Russian soldiers on the borders of Ukraine . and America is reassured

Among all the fears of an imminent Russian military operation in Ukraine and thousands of soldiers on the border, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed the lack of prove to monitor the inevitability of the Russian attack.

Kirby said at a press conference on Monday evening that his country is closely following the situation around Ukraine’s borders, looking for clues as to the inevitability of the Russian attack, but has so far found no evidence.

We have a clear picture.

He said: “We are following the situation closely and with great interest. And believe me, we have a very clear picture of what they have there and what they continue to convey to Western Russia and Belarus.”

However, he revealed that Russia continues to increase the number of forces on the border with Ukraine, including the territory of Belarus, and that Washington does not yet see. prove of a reduction in tension in the region.

NATO strengthens its defenses

These developments came when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) decided to bolster its defenses to the east, while Moscow denounced a desire to “stoke tension” with “hysterical” information, according to statements. officers.

As for the European Union, he asked US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken for explanations of recent statements during video chats with his counterparts.

Between Moscow and Kiev

Interestingly, the United States and its NATO allies have been putting in in recent months in guard against the movement of Russian forces into the border region, alluding to severe sanctions on the Russian economy in case of invasion of the Ukrainian territory.

While Moscow has repeatedly denied that it intends to attack its neighbor, accusing Kiev of preparing aggressive plans.

The North Atlantic countries have shown their support for Ukraine in ways that Moscow considered provocative, as they included naval exercises last November (2021) in the Black Sea and the delivery of a batch of American patrol boats to the Ukrainian Navy.

It is noteworthy that the Ukrainian army was involved in a conflict against separatists loyal to Moscow in two regions on the border, after Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula to them.

Meanwhile, Kiev and its Western allies often accuse Moscow of sending troops and weapons across the border in support of the separatists, something the Kremlin has consistently denied.

Interestingly, Russia has repeatedly rejected Western and Ukrainian accusations of preparing for any attack on Ukraine and denied the existence of such plans.

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