Thousands on the border . Russian soldiers are not enough for the invasion

The massive Russian military buildup near Ukraine is characterized by some of its most effective weapon systems: Moscow is providing these forces with the means to attack Ukrainian forces from multiple directions, potentially overloading their defenses.

As part of its expansion, which has accelerated in recent weeks, Russia has deployed its forces on three sides of Ukraine: in Belarus, Western Russia and Crimea, and on military ships in the Black Sea.

These forces included some of the best-trained Russian battalions, special forces, and surface-to-surface missiles that could hit targets in All of Ukraine.

However, according to US estimates, the presence of more than 130,000 Russian soldiers in the region is not enough to seize and occupy an entire country, according to a report published by the Wall Street Journal.

urban warfare

Military specialists have said that urban warfare will remain a challenge, as has been the case for the fighting Russian forces in Chechnya for more than a decade, and for the United States and its partners in the Iraqi city of Mosul in their latest fight against the Islamic State.

However, Russian deployments offer its leaders enormous advantages, as current and former US officials have made it clear that they include the ability to launch swift strikes on the Ukrainian capital, capture large swaths of territory, control airspace, and block the country’s ports.

In turn, Dara Massicott, an expert in Russian military affairs at Rand Corp., stressed that “despite the distinction of Russian capabilities, over time, the tasks will become more complex for them, such as checking the roads, putting in land safety and surrounding major cities. “

like a snake

By surrounding Ukraine on three sides, the Kremlin could attempt to damage the country’s economy and undermine President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government by preserving his military, said Ben Hodges, a lieutenant. in retirement who served as commander of the US Army in Europe from 2014 to 2018.

He added that the options are open and proof of this is that some airlines have suspended their expansion plans in the country, Dutch airline KLM has also suspended its flights and American military trainers have been withdrawn.

He also described the Russian blockade of Ukraine as “a stinging snake over Ukraine” and explained: “If the Kremlin can bring about a collapse, it will not have to attack or worry about sanctions.”

military pressure

Among the options of Russian President Vladimir Putin is to exert military pressure on Kiev without entering in city ​​and to move more Russian forces into separatist-controlled Donbass, according to Philip Breedlove, a U.S. Air Force general in retired who served as NATO commander from 2013 to 2016.

He also added that the Russians could take over Ukraine’s southern coast, which would allow the Russians to isolate the city of Mariupol and control the water supplies serving occupied Crimea.

Ukrainian forces, numbering around 260,000, have improved since 2014, when Russia annexed Ukraine’s Crimea region and supported a separatist proxy force in eastern Ukraine.

Since then, Ukrainian forces have benefited from an increase in American and other Western advisers and support.

Military analysts said those forces, however, would be severely overloaded if they were to defend against potential Russian attacks on multiple axes.

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