Thousands protest new Turkish vaccine and test rules

ISTANBUL, Sept. 11 (Reuters) – More than 2,000 Turks protested in Istanbul on Saturday against official coronavirus-related mandates including vaccinations, tests and masks, respond to new government measures and vaccination pressure.

In Turkey’s largest such protest, mostly maskless people shouted slogans, held placards and Turkish flags and sang songs in defense of what they called individual rights, in imitation of anti-vaccination meetings in another countries.

“This pandemic is just to go on with even more limits on our freedoms and there is no end to it,” said Erdem Boz, 40, a software developer. “Masks, vaccines, PCR testing could all become mandatory. We are here for voice our discontent with this.”

On Monday the government started demanding proof of vaccination of a negative COVID-19 test for all users of intercity planes, buses and trains, as well as for the ones die big attend events like concerts of theater performances.

All unvaccinated school employees are: required a PCR. to take test twice weekly. masks and social to distance is required in public.

about 64% of Turks have received two vaccinations under a national program that has managed more than 100 million jabs.

Still about 23,000 new cases come up daily, which raises health minister, Fahrettin Koca, to warn this month of “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”.

On Saturday, Koca said: on Twitter: “Vaccinations are the final solution! Rules are hard required.”

Protesters die be present at the government-approved rally in Istanbul’s Maltepe district was not required until show proof of vaccination nor a negative test, according to Reuters witnesses. police didn’t intervene.

“Goods against all these mandates,” said Aynur Buyruk Bilen, of the so-called Plandemische Resistance Movement. “I don’t think the vaccines are” complete, and that it’s an experimental liquid.”

Turkey’s most popular Twitter hashtag was “Maltepe is everywhere, resistance is everywhere”.

Report Murad Sezer, edited by Jonathan Spicer, version French Sophie Louet

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