Thousands stuck in airports in Christmas holiday voyage nightmare

Dozens of flights were canceled in the United States on Christmas Eve due to Covid staff shortage with thousands of passengers stranded at airports and others forced to cancel holidays altogether.

The national team spike in The Omicron cases this week had a direct impact on our flight crews and the people who run our operation. As a result, unfortunately we had to cancel some flights and are notifying affected customers in push forward of they come in airportChicago-based United Airlines said in a declaration.

United did not specify how many flights have been affected by Covid-related problems, but second media reports, about 120 were canceled, with Delta says it canceled 90.

Fauci urges Americans to ban unvaccinated vaccines family members from holidays

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The Atlanta-based Delta has said that before this decision his teams “they ran out of everything options and resources, including redirects and replacements of aircraft and crews to cover scheduled flights. “

This follows on call to the US authorities by Delta CEO Ed Bastian, who asked to cut the quarantine for fully vaccinated people five days after current 10. How reason for his request, cited the shortage of staff linked to Covid. Previously, JetBlue and the trade group Airline companies for America has turned to the US Centers for Disease control and prevention with similar requests.

According to a prediction from the American Automobile Association, more of 109 million people – almost 34% more from in 2020 – “will travel 50 miles or more like them hit the street, board airplanes or other means of transportation out of small town”Between 23 December and 2 January. Out of these 109 million, 6.4 million will travel air.

Passengers affected by delays and cancellations took to Twitter to express their frustration over the unfortunate start to holidays.

My international fly just has been deleted 5 hours before having to leave for the airport. Cancel mine family Christmas reunion. The wait to speak to a customer service rep is 3, 4 hours according to machine. I need help Now. Please,” he wrote one of users who tag Delta airlines.

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