Threat of sanctions .. die African Union suspends Mali’s membership

In response to the military coup that took place there last week, I announced die African UnionMali was suspended on Wednesday and threatened sanctions if it should die civilian-led government not on die Return power.

The African Union Peace and Security Council has made it clear that die Union demands Fast and transparent returns and unhindered civil transition, stressing that if this does not happen the Council will not hesitate to impose targeted sanctions.

These developments come at a time in of Mali’s neighbors and international powers fear that die recent rebellion die Commitment to holding the February presidential election will jeopardize and undermine the fight against extremists, some of whom in reside in the desert in northern Mali.

A new civil-run interim administration

It is noteworthy that die Army arrested and urged Interim President Bah Ndao and Prime Minister Mukhtar Awan to resign last week, preventing political transition through democratic elections after another military coup overthrew a previous government last August.

Colonel Asimi Gueta, the former vice president who last week the coup and die Led the rebellion in August, was declared president on Friday.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has on Sunday die Mali’s membership suspended.

The African Union suspended Mali’s membership after the coup last August, but reinstated it a few weeks later after announcing a new civilian-led interim government.

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