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Three goalkeepers from the Texans’ wild card win over the Bills: Impact on the playoffs, Josh Allen’s potential and more


Because Deshaun Watson is a superhero, the Texans are heading into the 2020 NFL playoff round, after beating the Bills 22-19 Saturday night in an overtime thriller to open a wild-card weekend.

Watson, whose ridiculous record in the second half of Houston was the reason the Texans had the chance to beat the Bills, built the game late in the overtime period. It started from a confident sack and gave a short pass to Taiwan Jones, who ran 34 yards on the Buffalo line for 10 yards and set up the Kaimim Feybiren stadium for the game.

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Despite exceeding 425-360 in the accounts, the Texans head for the fourth round of the playoffs for the fourth time in franchise history. They have never advanced to a conference championship game.

This evolution of the playoffs will lead us to Saturday’s game, one of the best in the history of wild card football.

Texans’ win over accounts is good news for Ravens or Chiefs in AFC playoffs

Depending on the outcome of the Patriots-Titans game on Saturday night, the Texans will take on the Ravens or Chiefs in the playoff round. Regardless of the matchup, either Baltimore or Kansas City would be a comfortable favorite next weekend, and for good reason, given what these teams have done this season to win the first round. Buffalo, however, could be considered a tougher draw.

The Bills, which ended the regular season with the NFL’s second-best defensive rating and third-best yardage unit allowed, dominated the Texans on Saturday until the fourth quarter, when Watson took over. Before then, Watson was running for his life, often forced to relay almost immediately after the hit.

Buffalo’s well-rounded defensive unit had the speed and discipline to contain Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson. He was able to rush the passer and lock the receivers, which would have been useful to Patrick Mommes of Kansas City. On the other side of the ball, the Bills had an offense capable of controlling the offensive line, thereby keeping either QB opponent out of the field as much as possible.

Houston is not clumsy, of course, and sparked Saturday with the return of J.J. Watt in defense (the second half of the sack changed the game) and Watson’s offense in offense, but the Texans will attack again in Baltimore or Kansas City and their defense is not designed to stop Jackson or Mahomes.

Most would have taken against the Bills in the sectional round, but the Ravens / Chiefs over the Texans feel like an easier prediction.

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Deshaun Watson saved Bill O’Brien from the hot seat

The Texans coach has been on social media throughout the first half of Saturday for all the wrong reasons. Houston was beaten by Buffalo in all three phases of the game, and the Texans went 13-0 at halftime.

For the third time in four wild card games under O’Brien, they had closed the first half. Watson was fired four times in the first half, the largest in any half of a QB in playoff history.

Watson then activated the magic. It started with a ridiculous touchdown run (and 2-point conversion) to get Houston on board in the third quarter.

He continued throughout the second half and finished the big game with everyone, but sealed the game overtime.

This was not a clear coaching adjustment. was a star player who made brilliantly individual games. Now O’Brien, who could ponder how to answer post-workout safety questions during the halftime half of the season, can answer questions about his second playoff victory.

Deshaun Watson had a crazy game

• 20 – 25 passing
• 247 passing through yards
• 2 TD total
• 55 grooves
• 2 two-point conversions

– Sports News (@sportingnews) January 5, 2020

Josh Allen has capabilities, but he needs help

Sometimes, the mental adjustments and / or the subtlety needed to successfully play quarterback in the NFL lag behind physical abilities. This could be the case for Allen, whose strong hand and sport are starting to lead to big time games more often, especially big games.

Allen’s finish line on Saturday was 24-of-46 passing for 264 yards. he also led the Bills with 92 wickets in nine catches – an impressive game for a QB who made his first playoff. Some of the features of the game showed how good Allen is when he is on point. Below is a pair from the first half, plus a beauty from overtime.

As it turned out in the regular season, when the accounts appeared in a pair of high profile games, Allen is clearly not bothered by the big stage, but the silly mistakes continue to plague him and the team. The worst Saturday was an unstable early fourth quarter that led to a Texas field. Also, he almost threw the game away with an inexplicable side, not to mention a handful of dangerous shots.

There are plenty of glimpses of greatness on the accounts to believe that Allen has a chance to rise to the Pro Bowler level, especially if the coaching continuity around the QB remains intact. Buffalo also needs extra help on a wide receiver, a weakness usually addressed in fake 2020 plans.

Maybe in a year or two Allen will be able to lead Buffalo to victory in such a passive playoff game. His performance on Saturday proved he is not there yet.

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