Three men found guilty of homocide black jogger

Greg and Travis McMichael were found guilty on murder allegations arising from an altercation that led to the death of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery and has fueled Black Lives Matter protests ever since.

Greg McMichael and his people son, Travis, they were found guilty on Wednesday after a jury deliberated for about 10 hours over two days. McMichael’s neighbor William Bryan was also found guilty. The three men have been accused with murder and aggravated assault after 25-year-Old Ahmaud Arbery was shot dead during a struggle in February 2020.

Travis McMichael claimed he shot Arbery, who he was jogging in the Brunswick neighborhood in Georgia, in himself defense. The three men she suspected him of committing a burglary and said they were driving a citizen arrest. The prosecution claimed they were not there prove of this alleged crime and the police had not been called.

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3 Georgia men, accused of homocide black the jogger Ahmaud Arbery, indicted with federal hatred crime charges

3 Georgia men, accused of homocide black the jogger Ahmaud Arbery, indicted with federal hatred crime charges

The accident was caught on video. Activists highlighted the fact that Greg McMichael is a former law enforcement officer in Glynn County, Georgia, and asked why took months to upload the men.

All three men were convicted of crime murder, as well as minor expenses like aggravated assault.

Travis McMichael was found guilty of malice murder, crime murderaggravated assault false imprisonment, e criminal try to commit a crime. His father was convicted of the same charges, but it was found not guilty of malice murder. Bryan, a neighbor of the McMichaels, it was found guilty of crime murder and aggravated assault.

Activists like Al Sharpton have joined protesters outside the courthouse in Brunswick, Georgia, while the jury made their deliberations, which were individually confirmed by Judge Timothy Walmsley prior to group he was fired. The three men want remain in custody of the sheriff in awaiting the sentence, which could be life imprisonment in prison without conditional for all three.

President Joe Biden joined in on celebrating the verdict, saying it guarantees this “horrible crime Sara punished. “ by Arbery murder, however, it is a “memorandum of how far we must go in the fight for racial justice in this country,” according to Biden.

The men want also to be facing separate federal hatredcrime allegations relating to Arbery’s death in a test set to kick off in February.

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