Thrilling demonstrations of martial arts skills in the largest kung fu school in China

Like a person … with a huge body, they perform dangerous moves in unison in one of the most exciting martial arts performances.

Scenes that stunned the world for a demonstration of self-defense skills at the Shaolin Tago Chinese School, the largest Kung Fu school in China.This school spans a ‘area of 550,000 square meters and houses more than 25,000 students.

These Shaolin performances attract thousands of spectators every year and are an important ritual in which students graduate to become competent Shaolin teachers.

Shaolin kung fu is a martial art considered to be one of the oldest, largest and most widespread martial arts in kung fu. This practice reports that “all martial arts under the sky come from Shaolin”, and Shaolin kung fu is the best, to show the influence of Shaolin kung fu on martial arts. The name Shaolin is used as a commercial reference to external styles called Kung Fu, and many styles in southern and northern China use the name Shaolin.

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