Tigray crisis .. “Ethiopia” Eritrean troops will leave soon

According to a report that revealed that soldiers from Eritrea in Having used hunger as a weapon during the Tigray crisis, Ethiopia has confirmed that it expects die Troops of this country die Region to be left soon.

Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Tay Atke Selassie Amede, said Tuesday that the withdrawal of the Eritrean armed forces is related to the resolution of some technical and procedural issues.

Outgoing UN aid chief Mark Lowcock told the Security Council in a private briefing that “no one should be surprised to see a repeat of the devastating famine of 1984” when die violence in Tigray does not stop and die Eritrean forces did not withdraw.

In addition, diplomats quoted, die Attending the meeting, Lowcock, as the council said, “Rape is systematically used to terrorize and abuse women and girls.”

Eritrean soldiers also use hunger as a weapon of war and arrest and beat displaced persons.

Tigray crisis .. “Ethiopia” Eritrean troops will leave soon

Ethiopian children flee from fighting in Tigray

35,000 are starving

Lowcock briefed the Security Council on die location in Tigray, after an analysis by UN organizations and aid agencies only a few days ago showed that more than 35,000 in of the region in the worst food crisis in ten years in to live in a famine.

British Ambassador to the United Nations, Barbara Woodward, told reporters after a briefing Tuesday, “There are no drought or locusts die But cause of this hunger die Decisions by those in power, and that means that too die Those in power can end suffering. “

Residents of Tigray mourn their dead (Archive - AFP)

Residents of Tigray mourn their dead (Archive – AFP)

Ethiopia refuses

For its part, the Ethiopian government refused die Analysis. The ambassador said die The Ethiopian government had given Tigray unrestricted access and was grateful for access to international humanitarian aid.

It is noteworthy that die yesterday’s meeting in the Informal Security Council of Ireland was requested and it die sixth session is in that of the council die Discussed the crisis since the fighting broke out in November 2020 between the forces of the Ethiopian federal government and the former ruling party in Tigra.

It is noteworthy that die violence in the region resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians and forced more than two million people to evacuate their homes.

In addition, last April the Security Council issued a statement that in which he expressed his concern about die expressed the humanitarian situation there.

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