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Tik Tok bypasses Instagram among children . with a “secret blend”

It seems that the Tik Tok app has managed to attract more American children and teens than any Instagram platform, according to the latest statistics.

The use of Tik Tok among young Americans has increased dramatically at the expense of other applications, according to the results of the survey published by Forrester.

This year, 63% of Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 used the Chinese platform on a weekly basis, compared with 57% of the American platform, according to Arab Technical News Gateway.

In contrast, last year (2020) Instagram accounted for the largest share of users, with 61% children, while Tik Tok only had 50%.

“secret blend”

In turn, Mike Proulx, an analyst at Forrester, said that “the community of content creators is one of the strongest factors that distinguish the Chinese platform”, which has led to the surpassing of the number of users.

“Competing platforms can enhance TikTok’s features and functionality. However, the sense of community is the secret sauce that cannot be copied and pasted. in another platform of social media. It doesn’t matter how much money competing platforms spend to motivate content creators. “

Tik Tok (iStock)
Tik Tok (iStock)

However, Tik Tok isn’t the best app of social media among the affected demographic.

This privilege is granted to YouTube by Google. In 2021, the platform was used weekly by 72% of American teenagers. This is in increase from 69% in 2020.

While Snapchat is used weekly by 54% in the United States, a constant number compared to 2020.

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