Tik Tok intends to share ad revenue with leading content creators

The Tik Tok app announced on Wednesday that it intends to share advertising revenue with the most prominent content maker of the platform, thus approaching the model adopted by competing platforms.

The app, affiliated with the Chinese group “ByteDance”, said in a release that will begin studying the first program “to share revenue with content producers, public figures and print publishers”.

He stressed that the first phase of the program will only include accounts with at least 100,000 followers, underlining his determination to “develop money solutions. in so that content creators feel valued and receive the appropriate reward. “

And the specialized site “Business of Apps “said that Tik Tok, whose number of users surpassed one billion last year, achieved revenues of $ 4.6 billion in 2021, an amount equivalent to the revenues of the Snapchat application, which is browsed daily by about 300 million users.

And the big platforms of social media Video publishing specialists, such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, have begun to implement plans related to profit sharing.

On Wednesday, Tik Tok also announced an evolution of its offerings for advertisers, as their ads will be linked to videos ranked in the 4% most viewed on the platform.

This new format, called “Tik Tok Pulse”, will also ensure that advertisers link their ads to the content of verified accounts in order to improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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