Tik Tok .. Paid subscriptions to broadcasts in streaming of content creators

TikTok plans to launch paid subscriptions to watch creator streams, a way that would make the company and its star less dependent on ad revenue.

The platform announced in a video clip that the new feature will be testing from Thursday and will allow content creators to “generate expected monthly revenue” and adapt their broadcasts in direct in your own personal style.

The app has also released a slew of videos from creators praising the perks their fans get if they sign up, including the use of custom emojis connected to their world during conversation while broadcast.

This feature is similar to a formula adopted by the specialized Twitch platform in video games in streaming, and contributed to its success.

While everyone will be able to watch the video in streaming, only subscribers will be able to use a set of emojis in the chat window in to whom they write their comments.

Furthermore, the platform allows holders of paid subscriptions to display a badge indicating their seniority and will be able to participate in an exclusive “chat”.
The company stated in a statement that the “Direct Subscription” feature aims to offer creators “the opportunity to increase their revenue while continuing to expand their follower base and provide fans with the opportunity to regularly thank their favorite content creator.”

The platform has not announced subscription prices, but are assumed to be similar to those available on Twitch, according to what I mentioned in the tweet from “BB Gess”, creator of content on the two platforms.

The application initially intends to provide the new functionality in beta mode for a number of content creators, then will expand its scope to include those over the age of 18 and whose accounts are followed by at least 1,000 users.

The company announced in early May that it was considering sharing advertising revenue with the platform’s top content creators, thus moving closer to the model adopted by competing platforms.

Tik Tok, which has become a major platform for broadcasting video, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, has been criticized for not providing a way for one billion content creators to monetize their content. in effective way.

Diversification of sources of income has become very necessary in applications, as content authorities have tightened the screws on targeted advertisements that rely on the collection of users’ personal data.

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