TikTok Introduces Search Ads Toggle to Help Advertisers Reach Users Seeking New Products and Brands

TikTok Introduces New Ad Placement in Search Results

TikTok announced today it’s adding a new place for advertisers to reach its audience: within the search results page. The new ad buying type dubbed the “Search Ads Toggle” will allow advertisers to target the platform’s users who are specifically seeking to learn more about new products or brands by typing queries into the app’s search box.

Targeting Users Engaged with Brand-Related Searches

This is TikTok’s first ad placement that lets brands target users engaged with searches related to the brand’s business. This offers an exciting opportunity for brands to connect with users who are actively seeking information about their products or services.

Brand Safety and Control

The company also promises brand safety as a part of this offering. Advertisers have the option to add “Negative Keywords” to each ad group, which allows them to avoid having their ad served against queries that don’t align with their brand. This ensures that brands maintain control over where their ads are displayed.

Improved Performance for Advertisers

According to internal tests carried out in July, 70% of ad groups with the Search Ads Toggle set to on saw a lower Cost per Action (CPA) thanks to more efficient conversions from the ad placement, TikTok claims. This indicates that the new ad slot has the potential to deliver improved performance for advertisers, making it an attractive option for brands.

Success Stories from Early Testers

Early testers, including brands like Clinique and DIBS Beauty, have already seen positive results from using TikTok’s Search Ads Toggle. Clinique witnessed a 441% increase in conversation rates, a 51% increase in click-through rates, and a 7.4% lift in Ad Recall. Similarly, DIBS experienced an 8% higher conversion volume, a 6x higher conversion rate, and a 22% decrease in CPA compared to their non-search ads. These success stories further demonstrate the effectiveness of TikTok’s new ad placement.

A Challenge to Google’s Search Ads Business

The addition of the ad slot could pose a challenge to Google’s search ads business. Google has acknowledged that younger users today often start their searches on social apps like TikTok and Instagram rather than on Google itself. This shift in user behavior highlights the growing importance of platforms like TikTok as search engines for Gen Z.

Future Potential and Experimentation

TikTok has taken its time to capitalize on its position as a search engine for Gen Z, and brands may not yet fully understand the shift that’s underway in how young people look up information on the web today. While it’s unclear how well these search ads will perform compared to more traditional ad buys, given TikTok’s influence on users’ shopping behavior, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more brands experiment with this offering in the months to come.

New Ad Placement to Connect with the TikTok Community

“Search, among many other functions on TikTok, empowers users to discover diverse content, communities, brands, and products on TikTok,” said Ray (Jiayi) Cao, TikTok’s Global Head of Monetization Product Solution & Operation. “The Search Ads Toggle gives advertisers a new ad placement where qualified, high-intent users are searching for content relevant to their business, allowing advertisers to further connect with the TikTok community in authentic and engaging ways.”

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