TikTok to share Ad revenue with some creators

Beijing, May 5 (IANS) Short video platform TikTok is introducing ‘TikTok Pulse’, a new contextual advertising solution that lets advertisers place their brand next to the top content in the For You Feed.

The company said that, with TikTok Pulse, it will also begin to explore its advertising revenue share programme with creators, public figures and media publishers.

“Creators and publishers with at least 100k followers will be eligible in the initial stage of this programme. We are focused on developing monetization solutions in available markets so that creators feel valued and rewarded on TikTok,” the company said in a blogpost.

“From the very beginning, we have committed to working with our community to bring new features that enrich the TikTok experience, and we look forward to continuing that journey with TikTok Pulse,” it added.

TikTok Pulse is designed to give brands the tools and controls to be a part of these everyday moments and trends that engage the community.

“Our goal is to build creative tools for brands to be discovered and connect with the broader communities around them. TikTok Pulse places brands at the heart of TikTok communities and alongside the trending content that is driving conversation and action,” the company said.

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