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Tim Hortons rolls back Roll Up the Rim prize pool as it makes sweeping changes to contest in digital shift


Tim Hortons revealed sweeping changes to its Roll Up the Rim to Win promo on Wednesday, moving towards a digital version of the renowned contest that uses more opportunities to play, however less rewards.

The shift follows in 2015’& rsquo; scontest stopped working to inject the sales improve that the coffee chain had actually come to anticipate from its signature yearly promo. At the time, Tim’& rsquo; s moms and dad business, Restaurant Brands International Inc., signified that the 35- year-old contest required to be improved.

The brand-new version of Roll Up the Rim, beginning March 11 will look like the old one in some methods. Consumers will still get to roll up the rim on a paper cup to see if they’& rsquo; vewon aprize– however just for 2 weeks of the month-longprogram After that, it will be offered specifically on the Tims mobile app, where consumers can “& ldquo; roll up & rdquo; a digitized rim on a digitized cup.

TimHortons is attempting to make the digital version more attractive, offering more opportunities to play if you utilize the app. A client playing simply on the cup just gets one possibility to roll up the rim. A client who is likewise signed up on the app gets to play on the cup as well as on the app. A client utilizing a multiple-use cup —– consisting of among the 1.8 million Tims-branded recyclable cups to be given out next month —– gets 3 roll-ups on the app per purchase.

And while consumers utilizing the app will get more opportunities, the worth of the pool of rewards has actually been cut by more than half, to approximately $299 million from 2019’& rsquo; s amount to retail worth of $713 million.

The chances of winning on each paper cup are likewise even worse. In 2015 participants had a 1 in 6 possibility of winning a coffee or foodprize This year it’& rsquo; s 1(********************************************************************************************* )9. Tims states that if the number of digital plays fulfills expectations, the general chances —– consisting of digital roll-ups —– will in fact be much better.

A Roll Up the Rim contest cup in 2010.

A Roll Up the Rim contest cup in 2010.

David Bloom/Edmonton Sun/QMI Firm files

In 2019, Roll Up provided more than 43 million coffee and food rewards. This year, it’& rsquo; s using17 million. In 2015, there were 40 car free gifts and 50,000 Tim Hortons present cards worth $50 each. Now there are 10 vehicles and 45,000 present cards worth $25 each. This year, nevertheless, Tims is retiring the familiar losing refrain “& ldquo; please(***************************************************** )once again & rdquo;: Rather, each cup that doesn’& rsquo; twin(************************************************************************************ )can be participated in among 4 draws for $100,000

Tims stated the drop is partially since the brand-new Tims commitment program will be performing at the very same time as Roll Up, using consumers a variety of routine free gifts, consisting of a totally free coffee or baked excellent after every seventhpurchase This year’& rsquo; scontest is likewise 2 weeks much shorter than in 2015.

Roll Up is now over and above. It’s on top of (the commitment program). We believe that clearly changes the game a little bit

Hope Bagozzi, primary marketing officer

Roll Up is now an “& ldquo;added perk,” & rdquo; stated Hope Bagozzi, a McDonald’& rsquo; sveteran who signed up with the chain as chief marketing officer last month.

“& ldquo; It & rsquo; s a brand-new world. In 2015 we didn & rsquo; t have a commitmentprogram This year we have commitment,” & rdquo; she stated. & ldquo;(******************************************************************************** )(********************************************************************************* )is now over and above. It’& rsquo; s. We believe that clearly changes the game a little bit.” & rdquo;

The relocation comes amidst a wider push at Tims to get consumers to utilize its app. Recently, Tims revealed it was likewise altering its popular commitment program to a points- based program as a method to incentivize members to register their cards online.

Tims has actually been looking to start driving sales with the commitment program, which previously has actually given out millions in free gifts —– which were a significant aspect weighing down Tims sales in its last quarter.

The goal behind the push towards the app is to offer Tims a much better method to track customer routines and market straight to each client.

Roll Up the Rim, which generally begins this month, is late this year since Tims desired to offer consumers time to totally comprehend the changes to the commitment program prior to revealing changes to the promo.

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