Tim Tebow believes ‘outsider card is real’ for Clemson’s Dabo Swinney

SEC Network Analyst Tim Tebow knows what Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is doing.

Clemson (14-0) is a 6.5 point underdog against the No. 1 seed. 1 LSU (14-0) for the upcoming college football game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in New Orleans. Clemson will be in the back yard of LSU and Swinney will continue to play the underdog as a result.

“The emotions and the momentum and the tips are a real thing, and it’s something I feel like I’m a part of,” Tebow told Sporting News. “I’ve seen it again and again and again. It doesn’t mean that a terrible team can beat a great team, but if the gap is not so big and you play with a chip on your shoulder, it’s absolutely real.”

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Clemson is in a winning streak of 29 games at the College Football Playoff Championship on January 13 and sophomore Trevor Lawrence is 25-0 as a freshman. Clemson beat Alabama by a final score of 44-16 in last year’s CFP Championship and this is a chance to win a third national championship in four years. Swinney spoke about this perception at the CAP conference call Monday.

“I mean, winning 29 games in a row is, it’s historic,” Swinney said. “I mean, it’s incredible how hard it is to do in today’s world. I felt like I was human, there were some people who were trying to reduce what these men were able to do and get up every week and play at such a high level , so firm, it’s special to be a part of it. “

Tebow, who was the winner of the Heisman Trophy and his dual national championship in Florida, is well aware of the underdog card. He said that was the message Urban Meyer used in 2006, when the Gators beat Ohio State and Heyman Trophy-winning general Troy Smith in the BCS championship game – again in 2008, when Florida beat Oklahoma and the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Sam Bradford a second national title in three years.

“We were the underdogs in ’06 and 08,” Tebow said. “At least that’s what Urban told us, it was absolutely true, especially in ’06, we listened for six weeks leading up, and that was a huge break then, we heard how Michigan should have been there and we shouldn’t have been there had its winner. Heisman Trophy and they had a great defense.

“Our defensive line was sick of hearing that. Our skills were sick of hearing that there was really a chip.”

There is a similar scenario at work for the CAP championship game. LSU beat No. 4 Oklahoma, 63-28, in the Peach Cup, and Clemson escaped with a 29-23 victory over No. 2 Ohio in the Fiesta Bowl. LSU has a profitable Heisman Trophy in Joe Burrow and a home-grown advantage in New Orleans.

Tebow said he fits well for Clemson – at least for using that card again.

“This is one of the things that makes Dabo so good,” Tebow said. “He gets his team to the top and play freely and play with momentum and play even more than they thought they could. Dabo will absolutely use it in this game. I think they will play for free and I think that the undercard is real. “

Tebow continued his work with the Allstate AFCA Good Works team this season. On Tuesday, singer Teher, R&B Usher, Good Works members and other volunteers renovated the Charter Einstein School in New Orleans.

“It’s so fun every year to have the opportunity to meet these young people and talk to them about their goals, their dreams and their hearts and why they have done so much to give back,” Tebow said. “In recent years I have been sitting with a lot of young people who want to start their own foundation. I will talk to them and say, ‘I did what went well and went bad.’ That’s the point. “

Learn more about the Allstate AFC Good Works team here.

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