Tiny Harris confronts Sofia Richie and Keke Palmer in this identical tight-fitting leather dress – Have photos been debated by fans of T.I., who won this sensual face-off?

Tiny Harris recently turned heads in a lush pink leather dress while attending the surprise event organized for the engagement of Toya Wright and Robert Rushing.

T.’s wife displayed her curves and attracted a lot of attention. In the end, Sofia Richie and Keke Palmer wore an identical dress with very different shoes and also owned it. Who won the face to face fashion?

In Tiny related news, she talked a lot about her marriage, her divorce and her reconciliation with her husband, T.I.P.

T.I. He revealed why he had cheated on his wife: “When I went to prison, she said to herself,” Well, now I have to find out what I’m going to do. Because I do not have you here to continue the protocols and practices that we have established in the fundamental stages of this relationship. So when I came back, the world was upside down. She looked a bit like, “This is my time.” I thought we were going to work and get back to reality. “

Tiny replied with: “[The last drop of water] was when I could not get it answered. Nothing worked, and it was just like, “I’m going to move as I want to move.” That was it. He had the impression that “it is not the woman I left. This is not the woman I wanted. If I tell her that, she will listen and she will do it as I want. He went looking for someone where he could be like, “Hey, do not move. Do that, and I was not her.

A fan had this reaction to this interview: “He does not want you anymore, never him! You’re enchanting her so far, damn it. Tip will be now sooner then later! “

This person revealed, “The council should sit somewhere, let this woman tell her mind and her truth without interfering! His ego is colossal!

Another social media user wrote: “In other words, she has dreams that she could not realize because she asked him not to work. I applaud the men who cover their families and their needs, but if a woman has her own passion, it is also important for the man to let everything manifest without thinking that it will be taken away from him. “


Tiny is a real boss.

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