Entertainment Tiny Harris has critics who call T.I. A serial...

Tiny Harris has critics who call T.I. A serial cheater who broke her heart after posting these photos and this message


Tiny Harris was with her husband, T.I., in a series of romantic photos taken at the opening of the Chìc Restaurant & Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia.

While the pictures were adorable, the legend used by Tiny led to a massive struggle in the comments section on infidelities and how couples function once they have reconciled.

Here’s what Tiny had to say about her partner: “U wouldn’t be able to tell frm that nice smile but Big Daddy @ troubleman31 doesn’t play any games !! #MonProtecteur #MonHubby #Mine #AlwaysFeelSafeWhenImWitHim ????????????????. “

One person replied, “Oh, it’s good to see you all together and happy to live long Mr. and Mrs. Harris. No matter how hard they tried to separate you, they couldn’t, and I love that kind of bond and keep loving you. “

It’s hard to forget that T.I.P. deceived Tiny several times, and even filed for divorce not too long after he caught him slipping – because in interviews and their reality shows, they are very raw and honest about their rocky romance.

A fan was offended by Tiny’s words and decisions to take T.I.P. over and over again after he got out of their marriage, he called her, “Everyone.” But couldn’t you believe that true love includes infidelity? Vows don’t have to mean much to people who tolerate these types of behaviors. But again, each to him. And just like you and everyone who posts, I have the right to my opinion. “

One person defended Tiny’s right to be with her deceptive husband: “Ok, so do you, peace be with you. I commented that I had started a fucking debate. You are all going to feel what you all feel, so whoever they are in love with, you can clearly see that she is happy and that he is happy to relax. Let them live. “

A critic took on the serial cheater: “Who are they?” “They” can do nothing unless someone allows them to create a so-called “link” that has been broken how many times between these two. “

POINT. recently revealed that he had started sleeping with other women because when he was released from prison, he was confused to discover that Tiny was now the head of the house and was rushing to bring the bacon home.


This new reality has changed the balance of the relationship.

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