Entertainment Tiny Harris praises her husband T.I. - check out...

Tiny Harris praises her husband T.I. – check out the photo she shared on her social media account


Tiny Harris congratulated her husband on his social media account with a photo and a message targeting the rapper. Find out what she had to say about him.

Tiny couldn’t feel more secure with Tip by her side, according to the message she posted on her social media account.

“U wouldn’t be able to say that nice smile, but Big Daddy @ troubleman31 doesn’t play games !! #MyProtector #MyHubby #Mine #AlwaysFeelSafeWhenImWitHim ???????????????? ’Tiny captioned his message.

Someone exclaimed: “Ah, it’s good to see you all together and happy to live long Mr. and Mrs. Harris. No matter how much they tried to separate, they couldn’t and I like this bond a little bit to keep and love you both.

Another follower posted this: “Whatever you do, keep going! You both radiate happiness. “

Someone else said, “It’s beautiful, no matter what people say Tiny, it’s yours !!!!!!” and another fan wrote, “I always liked the way you all love each other.”

Another Instagrammer sprang to the couple and said, “You look so good together. I am so happy for you. “

Speaking of security, Tip had a message he shared the other day regarding the tense situation between the United States and Iran.

Tip shared a message on his social media account in which he said he agreed with Iranian leaders on certain aspects.


The video and its caption that managed to spark a huge debate in the comments.

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