Tiny Harris reveals new addition to family with sweet photo and some of her fans and T.I. have questions

By the looks of things, Tiny Harris is delighted to have a new addition to the family. Recently, T.I.’s wife entered social media, where she officially welcomed Bandhunta Izzy, the boyfriend of Zonnique Pullins to the clan.

Tiny’s older daughter has been dating the rapper for about two years now, and the romance seems to be getting serious.

Zonnique shared a series of romantic photos with Bandhunta Izzy and wrote a moving birthday message.

Tiny decided to do his part by writing a note to the young MC and thanking him for loving his daughter as he does.

The little Xscape singer had this to say to Zonnique’s boyfriend: “Happy birthday to my new son @bandhunta_izzy so happy that you are outside our family and, more importantly, make my 1st z @zonniquejailee the most glad she was ever !! Enjoy your day… I love you, Izzy???? ???????????? PS, you are the cutest couple… ”

Bandhunta Izzy was quick to respond to her future mother-in-law: “I appreciate it the most! I love you too. ???? ”

Of course, Zonnique wrote a sweet message to her boyfriend who said: “HappyKingDay to the person who presented me with a deeper love than I knew … I love you more than I could ever explain, well more than Instagram can try to show! All my band @bandhunta_izzy. “

He replied with: “I love you more than anything – thank you for changing me”.

A curious fan asked this question: “Awwww, did they get married ?! I thought for a second but I will wait for confirmation. ????????????. “

This sympathizer had this explanation: “They did not get married. She says it causes it.
Where did you see this? I mean clearly, she said that TF happy birthday was wrong with all the dating and zonnique and that they are happy together, so they say he is family now. “

Another commenter replied, “No, they’ve been dating for a few years, and niq niq is really in love, so you know that after a while of doing well, he became a family but I hope I wait for them engagement because imma cry lol. “

A fourth person, who is not a fan of inks, added, “This is what happens as long as he has tattoos on his face. That’s enough.”


Tiny handles this situation better than T.I. with Deyjah.

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