Tiny Harris’ runway look has fans telling her she looks like a bomb – check out the photos

Tiny Harris has shared a few new photos in which she’s wearing a slaughter outfit, and she tells fans that it’s right on the runway. Check out the photos below:

“Straight out of the track … thx @therealnoigjeremy @bkluvsme @shereeglamdolls for making me #FightNightReady ????????” Tiny captioned his post.

Someone said, “Tiny we luv u frfr lady salute @ troubleman31 #bigweight big pressure King”, and another disciple posted this: “@majorgirl OG I pray that God will give you many more blessings than you stun. !! ♥ ️ ♥ ️ ♥ ️✊???? »

One commenter wrote: ‘@majorgirl SOOOOO BEAUTIF !!! I f # ckin love me some you boo !!! Keep killing them !!!! ???? ‘and another said:’ I love this photo, your photo always comes out cute ???? ‘

Someone else wrote: “You never come to play @majorgirl just beautiful, I love it” and another Instagrammer posted: “This is why the heiress is so ready for her photos, stay just ready. “

Apart from that, Tiny congratulated her daughter’s boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy and wished her all the best for her birthday.

The fans were really impressed that she called him “son” and they were really happy to see that there was such a strong bond between BF de Zonnique Pullins and his mom, Tiny.


Speaking of Tiny’s daughter, she also made sure to mark the event on IG and shared a post on her social media account that includes more photos of them both.

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