Tiny Harris springs on Zonnique Pullins’ boyfriend for his birthday and calls him “son”

Zonnique Pullins celebrated her BF, Bandhunta Izzy’s birthday, and her mom Tiny Harris is also marking this important event on her own social media account. She called Izzy her son, and she couldn’t be happier that her daughter is the happiest girl ever.

“Happy birthday to my new son @bandhunta_izzy, so glad you are outside our family and, more importantly, that my 1st z @zonniquejailee is the happiest it has ever been !! Enjoy your day … I love you Izzy???? two PS u two are the cutest couple… ”Tiny caption his post

Izzy replied, “Enjoy it the most! I love you too ???? ’

Someone said, “Now it’s cute af. Mom with the cry, it’s on. “

Another follower had an objection regarding the tattoos Izzy has on his face: “I just don’t understand the tattoos on the face!” Handsome guy but not attractive! How do you explain this to your children! Hell did you think you might have a parent / teacher conference someday! Walk your children down the aisle !! Geesh! Millennials. “

Someone else said, “Ayeee! A mini TI! Model grandparents! @majorgirl happy birthday ???? ’

One follower wrote: “They are physically one of the most beautiful couples in the world, imagine what these babies would look like.”

Zonnique also made sure to mark the event on IG and shared a message on her social media account that includes more photos of them both.

‘HappyKingDay to the person who presented me with a deeper love than I knew … I love you more than I could ever explain, much more than Instagram can show it! All my band @bandhunta_izzy “, Zonnique captioned his message.


He also declared his love for Zonnique and the fans couldn’t be happier for the couple.

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