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Tiny Harris’ Videos Featuring Her And T.I.’s Baby Girl, Heiress Dancing Are Today’s Medicine In Social Distancing


Tiny Harris shared a number of videos featuring her and Pointer’s baby girl, Heiress Harris while she is displaying her dancing abilities. She is 4 years of ages, and Tiny has actually begun publishing about the substantial anniversary on her social media account of option, Instagram.

Tiny and her whole family are investing their days at home and they are attempting to have as much enjoyable as possible to take their minds off the enormous crisis that the world is flooded with.

‘It’ s nearly my Sunlight @heiressdharris birthday so I’ll be filling my page with my True blessing!! Quarantine fourth birthday event @caitlinjody_been remaining down wit us !!’ Tiny captioned among the videos.

Somebody stated: ‘Sure you currently understand this and see this, however she certainly has “IT”!!!’ and another fan posted this: ‘Regardless of the dance she knew when to grab that soap.’

Another person posted: ‘They both are cute, but that little one is so smart…’ and another fan gushed over baby girl Heiress: ‘Lmbooooo this is the best thing I’ ve seen ALLLLL day! Little sunlight.’

One fan stated: ‘I love her, I swear. Her personality is everything, and she’ s so wise. @majorgirl and @troubleman31 yall doing a remarkable task.’

A fan informed Tiny: ‘She reminds me so much of my daughter lol this is so cuteeeeee,’ and another commenter posted this: ‘Awwww this is toooooooo cute && she was on point and ready @majorgirl.’

Another person composed: ‘Happy Birthday Heiress! 💫🎈 I’ ll send you a present after all this frightening things is gone!’ and a commenter stated: ‘Omg the way Heiress killed it & then was so hype for everyone else to go! LOVE HER! TOO CUTE!’

In other more fully grown news, the Xscap3 vocalist teased her fans with a current post that she shared on her social media account of option, Instagram.


She is in some way meaning the reality that all this social distancing and remaining at home with T.I. may lead to a surprise.

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