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Tips on Tik Tok could set your home on fire. Experts warn

With the arrival of winter in European countries and in the midst of the energy crisis that pervades the region due to international tensions following the Russian military operation in Ukraine, the application experts of social networking have raised the alarm for a new challenge that has overwhelmed the platform in the past few hours.

The warnings were triggered after the challenge advised people to place clay flower pots over candles to warm their homes, without focusing on overheating and exploding containers.

The challenge also took advantage of the app users who were trying to reduce their energy bills by making a made heater in home, which consists in placing an earthen jar on top of small candles, which warm it.

However, the experts put it in guard against penetration, as the candles can easily be dropped, thus evaporating the water trapped in the mud and thus causing the pot to explode.

They also asked people to make radiators made in house with candles and clay pots, where users place an upturned clay pot over a group of lighted candles to create a stove in miniature to heat their homes, while educational programs promote it as a “cost of living hack” in how it will help people save money to pay their heating bills.

@bitofeverythingreally pot warmer in DIY terracotta 👍10 / 10 #gas #electric #winter #survival #government #economy #fyp ♬ Funny song – Cavendish music

Dangerous behavior

However, these allegations are never true, as the London fire department experts put up in guard against the consequences of such actions, pointing out that it is dangerous behavior.

They explained that the outside of the pot would become very hot and lead to a risk of burns.

Moisture can also build up inside the mud after watering the plants, which means the water evaporates quickly with the heat and causes the pot to burst.

Assistant commissioner of the foundation, Major General Charlie Bogosley, said candles are one of them cause more common than fires in home and should not be used for any purpose other than its intended purpose.


Interestingly, videos of this type have been spreading since the beginning of 2021, but have recently gained more attention, especially as the winter season approaches.

While the London firefighters have put up in guard against heeding such advice, urging people not to watch videos online if they could put the listener or others at risk.

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