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To address destructive traditions and values, Putin issues a decree that promotes values ​​and morals

President Vladimir Putin issued a decree adopting the necessary strategies to strengthen religious and moral traditions and values ​​in Russian society and placing them among the ABCs of state social policy.

The decree stressed that religious, cultural and ethnic diversity in the Russian social fabric contributes to strengthening national identity through the harmony of cultures and civilizations, supports development and development in various fields and strengthens national unity in the light of the threats and challenges facing Russia.

The decree underlines that the Russian Federation guarantees the protection of these values ​​and their transmission between generations to set an example among nations in the face of destructive ideologies.

The decree establishes the need to implement radical reforms in the fields of education, culture, gods media and the sites of social networking to address the destructive values ​​that the West is trying to instill in the minds of the younger generation and to prevent their infiltration into Russian society.

He stressed that the ideology of the United States and its allies from Western countries, the organizations and institutions that finance them to support extremism and terrorism, and the destruction of human values ​​through the broadcasting of programs aimed at young people and younger generations, poses a threat to human and religious values, morals and traditions.

He stressed the need for coordination between the state and the media for their primary role in shaping culture and thought in all segments of society, in especially young people and children.

He stressed the rejection of homosexuality and the prohibition of its promotion in Russian society, in what a despicable, destructive thought contrary to religions, morals and human values.

He stressed that the state’s policy towards traditional values ​​can be changed at least once every 6 years, based on an evaluation of its effectiveness.


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