To change the Internet “password” at home .. A brother kills his brother

Police from Dhi Qar Governorate in southern Iraq revealed on Sunday the circumstances of a horrific murder committed by a young man against his brother because he changed the secret code of the home’s Internet network.

Where i media locals reported that police revealed the death of a young man; Following a specific neck injury that severed his spinal cord, causing complete paralysis and then death.

For its part, the Al-Sednawiyia Police Station, one of the judicial police department’s stations, has postponed the investigation documents relating to the death of a young man who sustained a neck injury while cleaning the windows of the house, according to as stated by his family. As a result, he severed his spinal cord, resulting in complete paralysis and death.

However, in a police statement said: “Through the investigation, after the Nassiriyah Crime Division received the information on the investigation, murder suspects were generated and after collecting the information and when the victim’s brother arrived at the fighting division, he was charged and an investigation was opened and confronted with the prove and the prove available against him. “He added:” Through this, the 22-year-old accused (AA Kh) confessed to having committed the crime, following a dispute with his brother over changing the Internet code, and stabbing the victim with a knife from the kitchen and trying to hide the crime he had committed. ‘ He continued: “His statements have been inserted in a judicial confession and the prove laws were revealed to him, and it was in accordance with his confessions, and the investigative judge decided to arrest him on the basis of article 405 of the Iraqi criminal code to complete the investigation according to the rules. “