To ease tension, a new round of talks between Moscow and Washington

Will be for the second time in two months die The US and Russia will hold high-level talks next week to stabilize their strained relations.

The US State Department said that this coming Wednesday in In the same city, the dialogue on “strategic stability” will take place at a summit meeting on June 16 between US President Joe Biden and Russian Vladimir Putin in Geneva is to be included.

On Friday the ministry added in a statement added that it is through this dialogue die I want to lay the foundations for future arms control and risk reduction measures.

In addition, will die Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman die Head US delegation, including Bonnie Jenkins, die was recently confirmed as Deputy Foreign Minister for Arms Control.

controversial issues

The meeting takes place amid tensions on multiple fronts between the two countries. The United States has vowed Moscow to take action, if so die The wave of cyberattacks, a large number of which, according to the US authorities, are launched from Russian territory, is not stopped.

Also were die United States in recently exposed to many “ransomware” attacks by in die Entered corporate networks and encrypted their data, and then later they have to pay a ransom, often in Bitcoin, in exchange for die Provision of a decryption key.

To ease tension, a new round of talks between Moscow and Washington

A handshake between Putin and Biden when they first met in Geneva since the election of the American president

Although Moscow has all responsibility for die Denies attacks, welcomed Putin Biden’s efforts to die To make relations between the two countries more predictable.

Announcing the start of this dialogue, Putin and Biden stressed that even at the height of the Cold War, Moscow and Washington spoke to avoid the worst.

visit in China

Sherman will be out on the Sunday and Monday days after their visit in China will meet with Russian officials, making it the largest official to visit the country since Biden was elected president.

It is noteworthy that on June 16 in the luxurious Villa Lagrange in Geneva held a bilateral summit between the presidents of the United States and Russia where they agreed on a number of issues, including die Return of the ambassadors of the two countries, like Putin a press conference die Conversations as very constructive.

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