To end China’s supremacy … Biden donates a huge amount to battery manufacturers for auto electric

US President Joe Biden announced a $ 2.8 billion grant to 20 US electric vehicle battery companies.

Grants will be awarded through the Department of Energy, funded by the bipartisan (Democratic and Republican) law on infrastructure, to companies in 12 states.

Funding will go to companies that manufacture battery materials including lithium, graphite and nickel.

This happens in one moment in that increasing U.S. manufacturing capacity was a priority for the Biden administration, according to CNBC, which was seen by Al

In total, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act, the CHIPS Act and the Inflation Reduction Act have committed over $ 135 billion to electric vehicle manufacturing.

The president of the United States has ordered the industry to do in so that electric vehicles account for half of all new vehicles produced in the United States by 2030.

“The Infrastructure Act also invests in the people and companies that will build our future, such as auto and the advanced batteries that will power these vehicles, “Biden said.

He added: “This is very important because the future of auto is electric, but the battery is an essential part of thatauto… Now 75% of these batteries are manufactured in China”.

Biden said China controls nearly half of global production of some materials needed to produce these batteries, noting that battery technology in China is no more innovative than elsewhere.

“Indeed, our national laboratories, our research universities and our car manufacturers have led the development of this technology here. in America, but by undermining American producers through subsidies and unfair trading practices, China has captured much of the market, “he said.

In addition to the grants, Biden announced the creation of a new battery manufacturing initiative in the United States that will enable a government-wide approach to manufacturing batteries for uses ranging from auto and from homes for defense purposes, says the White House.

This move will continue to drive US competitiveness by building more batteries and critical battery components in the US.

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