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To get rid of Houthi torture … a prisoner committed suicide in Sanaa

The brutal torture practiced by the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia against inmates in its prisons prompted one of the women inmates to commit suicide to escape the constant torture she was subjected to.

Human rights sources said one inmate committed suicide to escape continuing brutal torture by the prison administration of the Houthi terrorist militia. in a prison in Sanaa.

The head of the Association for the Protection of Battered Women and Houthi Prison Survivors, Noura Al-Jarawi, said that the prisoner, “Aisha Al-Matari”, committed suicide due to the abuse and torture of the Houthis called ” Umm Al-Cara “.

Al-Jarawi added in a tweet on Twitter: “This big thing happened last Wednesday cutting off the prisoner’s arteries.”

He explained that the Houthi militia and its central prison administration are deliberately hiding the incident.

Al-Jarawi stressed that the women’s section of the central prison in Sana’a is overcrowded with hundreds of inmates facing various forms of torture and intimidation, stressing that what is happening is a “humanitarian catastrophe. in every sense of the word “.”

He also invited international organizations and the International Red Cross to visit this prison and see the situation of the inmates there.

According to UN and human rights reports, dozens of detainees in Houthi militia prisons are subject to serious violations, including “sexual violence”.

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