To increase its profits, “Netflix” suddenly raises its prices

Sharp falls of 20% witnessed the Netflix company in post-close trading yesterday, after it expected to increase its subscriber base by 2.5 million new subscribers during the first quarter of questyear, a result much lower than analysts’ expectations.

These estimates come after Netflix added eight million three hundred thousand subscribers in the final quarter of last year, a figure slightly below expectations.

However, the company posted strong results in the fourth quarter of 2021, as net earnings far exceeded expectations and reached 12% growth to $ 607 million. The revenues were in in line with expectations, growing by 16% to reach $ 7.7 billion.

Subscribe in 2021

In detail, Netflix did not meet Wall Street’s expectations for the number of new subscribers at the end of last year and provided weaker expectations in early 2022 as competition intensified in the battle for broadcast services viewers. online.

The largest streaming service in the world added 8.3 million subscribers from October to December, when it released a slew of new shows including starred films like “Red Notes” or “Red Note” and “Don’t Lock Up.” ” or not”. Looking Up, “as well as a new season of the series (The Witcher), according to Reuters.

The company’s total subscribers worldwide reached 221.8 million in 2021.

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