TO Kyiv heavy snow is expected and power outages continue in many areas

The Russian military operation continues in Ukraine today, Sunday, as units of the Russian army attempt to establish control and strike at the positions of the Ukrainian forces, as Kiev continues to resist the Russian bear and tries to regain its lands with financial and military assistance from the west.

In the latest development, forecasters have predicted heavy snowfall in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, starting today, Sunday, with temperatures set to drop below zerowhile millions still live in city ​​and surrounding areas without electricity and heating.

The Okerergo company, which manages the electricity grid, said yesterday, Saturday, that the electricity producers were in able to cover only three quarters of consumption needs, which made it necessary to impose restrictions and power cuts in the whole country.

Sergey Kovalenko, chief operating officer of Yasno, which supplies energy to Kiev, said the situation in city ​​has improved but is still “very hard”.

President Volodymyr Zelensky said 6 million people were left without electricity on Friday after last week’s latest Russian bombing, which inflicted the worst damage on record on Ukraine and left millions without electricity, water or heat.

Zelensky explained that power engineers continue to restore the electricity system and restrictions on electricity supply remain in 15 regions of Ukraine, including Kiev.

Russia says it does not target the civilian population, while the Kremlin has said Moscow’s attacks on energy infrastructure are the result of Kiev’s unwillingness to negotiate.

On Friday, Zelensky criticized the Kyiv mayor for what he called his poor performance in setting up emergency shelters to help those without electricity and heat after the Russian attacks. in a rare public quarrel among Ukrainian leaders.

Okranergo said power outages would continue and urged electricity use within limits. “We would like to remind you that every Ukrainian who has electricity in home can help bring it back to others faster, just by saving electricity,” he said in a statement on Telegram.

The snow is expected to continue in pre-war Kiev, which had 2.8 million inhabitants, through mid-week, while temperatures are expected to remain below zero.

And on the ground, Ukraine’s police chief said on Saturday that at least 32 people in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine had been killed by Russian shelling since the withdrawal of pro-Moscow forces two weeks ago.

Russian forces completed their withdrawal from the city of Kherson on November 11, after an occupation that lasted nearly nine months. Those forces are now stationed on the east bank of the Dnipro River and Tanto in so they bomb the city from there.

A senior aide to the president said earlier in the day that electricity had been restored in city.

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