To Lebanon. Missiles on Israel and die Source: Syria

Only when 24 hours have passed since die Israeli army confirmed on Thursday evening that rockets had landed on Israel from the city of Al-Qalila in southern Lebanon. So far it has been confirmed that three missiles, die Fired from Syria into Israel in landed in an open area.

His spokesman, Avichai Adraei, gave today in a statement announced that three missiles from Syria in Towards Israeli territory.

He added that one of them in Syrian territory fell while die other two missiles in open areas within Israel.

He said he shot down two of the three rockets fired from Syria into Israeli territory.

This happened exactly one day after die Army had announced that three missiles from southern Lebanon in Direction of the Upper Galilee in Israel were fired die in the settlement of Shlomi in Galilee landed.

Yesterday he also observed that die Grad rockets fired from southern Lebanon were fired without causing any casualties.

Palestinian factions behind 3 missiles

At the time he indicated that his armed forces die The matter had been investigated, and Adraei revealed on Twitter that 3 missiles from Lebanon in Towards the sea off the shores of the Galilee, adding that “die Warning was not activated according to die established politics. “

Meanwhile, Israeli sources said yesterday that there will be no response to the rocket fire from southern Lebanon.

Fifth day of violence

It is worth noting that the Al Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent confirmed on Friday that Tel Aviv had sent more military reinforcements to Tel Aviv than die Violence between Gaza and Israel reached its fifth day and die The number of Palestinian deaths rose to 122 dead and 900 injured in the border strip with the strip to be added to the already large crowds.

However, he stressed that there was no sign of an upcoming ground operation, though die Israeli army thousands of soldiers in die Region called.

He also pointed to die renewed Israeli air strikes on sites in Khan Yunis in the south of the strip and die targeted combat of the headquarters of the naval police in close to the port of Gaza as well die Bombing of the manufacturing bank building west of the city.

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