To protect Putin .. “doomsday plane” over Red Square

A few hours later, the capital, Moscow, begins the celebrations of the “Victory Day”, which corresponds to May 9 each year. The ceremony will see different activities, in particularly the speech of the Russian president to the mother of the gathering, in addition to the military parades.

For the first time in a decade will appear the Russian “doomsday plane” designed to protect Putin in case of a nuclear attack, and the “Ilyushin L-80”, also known as the “Flying Kremlin”, will participate in an air show on Red Square in a clear warning to the West.

For the first time in a decade

The aircraft has no external windows, except for the cockpit, and is equipped with a dome which is supposed to prevent exposure to electromagnetic pulse attacks.

While the giant plane will be accompanied by two aircraft Tu-96 “Bear” and Tu-160 “White Swan”, which are in capable of carrying nuclear warheads, according to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”.

In addition, the Moscow authorities will block the streets of the city center to make way for a mass gathering of the “Immortal Regiment”, where civilians carry the portraits of the slain family members. in war.

Less military participation than last year

However, questyear the military parade will lose some of the combat-ready weapons that have been sent in Ukraine to participate in the military operation that began last February.

The weapons will include two-thirds of the vehicles seen last year alone, according to data from the Russian Defense Ministry.

Furthermore, notable absences from the performance of questIt was tanks and missile systems that suffered heavy casualties during “special military operations”.

No bombers

The air show of questyear will not feature any combat-ready Su-30 and Su-34 bomber, as many of the latter would have been shot down in Ukraine.

Additionally, 77 planes and helicopters are expected to fly over Red Square to match the number of years since the Allied victory over the Nazis, while MiG-29 fighters will fly Z-shaped.

The military parade is also expected to feature the next generation of weapons that have not gone into mass production and have not been deployed on the battlefield.

general mobilization

Furthermore, it is possible that Putin, who will speak to the nation on Monday morning, will use it to announce a mass mobilization to recruit civilians into the military and declare an all-out war on Ukraine, according to American and European intelligence sources, although the spokesman of the Russian president last week denied those reports and described them as “” bullshit “.

Interestingly, Russia celebrates Victory Day in World War II on May 9 every year, and this day is an unprecedented national occasion and celebration of questyear acquires special significance in the light of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

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