To support the government … an American delegation visits Hadhramaut after the Houthi attack

The US ambassador in Yemen, Stephen Fagin, visited Hadhramaut governorate in the southeast of the country today Tuesday to show Washington’s support for the Yemeni government, nearly three weeks after a March attack, claimed by the Houthi terrorist militia, on a essential port for the export of crude oil.

The office media of the governor of Hadhramaut said that an American delegation led by Ambassador Fagin visited the city of Mukalla in Hadhramaut and met with the leadership of the local authority led by Governor Mabkhout bin Madi.

He stressed that the joint meeting discussed “strengthening the aspects of support in the field of security, the fight against terrorism and support for vital sectors linked to citizens and development”.

According to the office media of the governor of Hadhramaut, the ambassador of Washington “expressed his happiness in visiting Hadramawt and in meeting with the leadership of the governorate”, noting that “the visit is intended to demonstrate US support for Yemen, and in Hadhramaut in particular.”

He stressed: “The United States condemned the attack by the Houthi coup militia via drones on the port of Dabba”, underlining the impact of the Houthi attack on the Yemeni economy.

The US ambassador said: “the support of the international community, led by the United States of America, to bring the pace in Yemen and its commitment to support the Yemeni people due to the difficult conditions they are going through due to the current war. “

Fagin had visited Hadhramaut in late June, about a month after receiving his credentials as Washington’s ambassador to Yemen, and during his visit in at that time, he discussed “addressing the challenges facing Yemen’s largest governorate (Hadhramaut),” according to what was posted on the embassy’s Twitter page at the time.

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